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Edgewood Fire

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Since joining the Edgewood Volunteer Fire Department on a whim in August of 2017, I found my purpose quickly shifting to something I had only seen on movies and TV previously. The Gemini in me adapted very quickly, and my curiosity assimilated into a historically men’s world. I fell in love with it. Attended classes and gained certifications as a firefighter, EMT, vehicle rescue tech, Fire Instructor, Fire Officer, among others. Now, I can’t imagine who I would be without it.

But of course, I’m still a designer. And the fire department in general has a long way to go in terms of content creation and bringing design into this century. I saw an opportunity within my new family and ran with it.

I had worked with the previous Secretary to create and post social media content, needing approval from both her and the chief. Since becoming Secretary in January 2019, I have had more free reign of our social media channels and the opportunity to give our social presence a voice. Channels include mainly Instagram, which I created in 2018 and quickly gained 1000+ followers, and our Facebook page which has crept up to nearly 3k followers in 2020.

As the chair of the Fundraising + Community Outreach Committee, I also create most of the artwork and facilitate planning surrounding events we host. This includes an annual blood drive, several years of Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirt sales and restaurant nights, Pasta Dinner Drive-Thru… to name a few.

Completely redesigning our website was a multi-year process for me, which was recently launched in June 2021 and can be found at edgewoodfire.org.

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