Lizzie Jean McCreary

Extroverted UI Designer + Certified People Helper

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UI Design for Web + Mobile
Art Direction
User Research
Social Media

“Lizzie not only holds the positive passionate attitude we look for, but it’s her attention to detail that made it the right choice.”

Daniel Lal, CEO Nimble Innovation Ltd

“We really enjoyed working with Lizzie. She asked lots of questions about our company and about how we want to be seen by our clients. She gave us a few options to start with and then helped us narrow them down. In the end, we got exactly the look and feel we wanted and knew how to make changes on our own. She has an intuitive understanding of what start-ups need and is very responsive — and very patient. We got a lot of value for our budget and will keep coming back to her.”

Roger Gordon, Owner at SeniorSafe

About Me

I am a user-focused designer, an avid multi-tasker and a quick learner who thrives in many diverse roles. A helper by nature, I am constantly searching for inspiring and meaningful work in both my career and personal life. I am driven by empathy and making experiences better for everyone – no matter their walk of life.

I have been active as a designer for about ten years professionally with experience as a contractor, freelancer and part of an in-house design team for various disciplines. Through these experiences, I have built a strong toolkit that enables me to adapt to any situation or effort. I greatly value trust and communication with clients and team members. Being agile and flexible allows me to assist with multiple projects at a moment’s notice, as well as help onboard new designers.

My work includes a wide variety such as UI design for web and mobile, UX research, marketing and publication design, social media managing and content creation. I also love to dabble with smaller interior decorating and design projects.

In my personal life, I am the proud momma of a 120lb Great Dane named Rooney. I love kayaking and working from new places. I also take pride in being a nationally certified firefighter/EMT-B and fire instructor, and spend a lot of time at the Edgewood Volunteer Fire Department where I am a member but also serve as Secretary, training assistant, social media guru, and chair of the Fundraising + Community Outreach Committee. I am a person that thrives on keeping busy and I absolutely love what I do!

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